What to do if you think you might be perimenopausal?

Last Updated on : 10th June 2022

Everyone is talking about it!  Davina has done a programme about it and your friends have mentioned their symptoms.  But how do you know if you are perimenopausal?  And what should you do if you think you might be?

You might be having irregular periods or worsening PMS and perhaps hot flushes, you might have irritability, anxiety and brain fog, or joint pains and loss of libido.  These are all very common symptoms as are insomnia and sleep issues, fatigue, palpitations and headaches but there are many more.

What is common is that women struggle on with these symptoms without getting the help and support they often need.  And they can put these symptoms, especially the mental health symptoms they may be experiencing, down to living through a global pandemic and the stress of the last few years.  This time of life can often be busy with work, teenage children, aging parents and a constant juggle.  Because perimenopausal symptoms fluctuate this also means that women put off getting help as one day they are crippled with anxiety but the next day they feel fine.  It doesn’t need to be this way as holistic and evidence-based help is available.

Blood tests are sometimes needed to help with diagnosis but if you are over the age of 45 it is better to make the diagnosis of perimenopause on symptoms as blood tests are often inaccurate.  Don’t be fooled by unregulated compounded HRT which involves expensive and frequent testing.  This type of HRT is not recommended by The British Menopause Society.

Often women just don’t know where to turn.  At The Bronte Clinic we can help with this.  Our expert doctors can talk about your symptoms, what is bothering you most and what impact this is having on you but also on your relationships, your work and your wellbeing.  You can fill in a questionnaire with them about your symptoms and alongside your description of how this is bothering you they will help you to make this diagnosis.  Sometimes other conditions need to be ruled out that can cause similar symptoms.

Our doctors are all experienced GP’s who are used to dealing with symptoms across all specialities and will offer a comprehensive assessment that includes a holistic plan tailored to you.  This will include diet, exercise and lifestyle advice and a prescription for HRT including testosterone if this is appropriate for you.  They are confident in talking about alternatives to HRT if you would prefer this or if you are unable to take HRT.

The doctors at The Bronte Clinic are known for being kind and approachable.  And as women at a similar time of life they are aware of the challenges that you may be facing.  They will help you find a plan for your health that works so you can approach this next stage of life feeling the best version of yourself.

There is a special 10% discount available on appointments at The Bronte Clinic until the end of July with code NappyValley.

The Bronte Clinic was founded by women’s health specialist Dr Samantha Brown who was a GP partner in a local Clapham practice before further advanced training with The British Menopause Society and long-time colleague and friend Dr Fiona McCarthy, consultant medical oncologist and aesthetic doctor.

For further details visit:

Website: https://thebronteclinic.com

Instagram: @thebronteclinic and @menopauselondongp,

Dr Samantha Brown as featured in The Daily Telegraph:  Click here to read the article

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